The WhatsApp trick to gossip which friend has deleted your messages

The WhatsApp trick to gossip which friend has deleted your messages

The messaging app has an unknown function that allows you to gossip if an acquaintance has deleted chats so that no one knows who you have spoken with.
WhatsApp, which will soon launch new animated and customizable emojis , is the star messaging application in Spain, and one of the most used in the world. Even so, it has a series of tricks that not all users know and that allow you to use the app like a master , such as one to know if you have been given a false number . Now another has come to light that allows you to find out if someone has deleted conversations and what they were .

Meta ‘s proprietary messaging app , formerly known as Facebook , allows you to delete both specific messages and individual and group conversations natively . A feature that is interesting to use if you want to erase a person’s trail, either because you don’t want to maintain contact with them or because you don’t want that chat to appear on the main page of the app.

Although it seems that by deleting the chat there will be no trace of it, the truth is that WhatsApp has a little-known trick that allows you to find out if a person has deleted conversations. Not only that, but this shortcut is also used to find out which chats have been deleted and, therefore, with whom that user has spoken. A simple and safe shortcut to use, since it does not require the installation of applications or third-party programs.

How does it work?

Since its launch, WhatsApp has become the main tool to be in contact with friends and loved ones, being able to make calls to send messages or multimedia files. Once a photo or video is received or shared with someone, the application saves a record , which is key to performing this trick.

It is possible that, for whatever reason, you have sometimes had to delete a certain WhatsApp conversation. Even so, if photographs or videos have been sent or received in it, the Meta tool will continue to mark in its registry that contact with that person has been maintained. This way anyone can find out if chats have been deleted .

To carry out this trick, two important things must be taken into account: the consent of the other person is needed to access their mobile phone and this shortcut should never be used to harm anyone, only for good intentions, such as recovering deleted photos. Once you have that user’s smartphone in hand, the first thing to do is check that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed and, if so, enter the app.

At that time you will have to go to the settings , which are accessed from the icon of the three vertical points located in the upper right corner in the case of Android and in the ‘Settings’ tab with the wheel symbol in iPhone . Then you have to click on ‘Storage and data’ and then touch on ‘Manage storage’.

If you scroll down, you’ll find a section called ‘Chats’, which lists the names of all the contacts that person has ever talked to and shared media with. To find out if you have deleted a conversation, simply return to the main WhatsApp interface and, if the name of a specific user who was on the list does not appear, then it means that this chat has been deleted .

free up space

Thanks to this trick you can find out if someone has deleted a conversation and, furthermore, know what it was and the multimedia files that have been shared, but never the messages. It should be noted that the reality of this WhatsApp function is that it has been developed as a method to free up storage space .

Once inside ‘Manage storage’, WhatsApp shows both the amount of space that shared photos and videos and other elements, such as documents or PDFs, occupy on the mobile phone. To free up space, simply delete large files or files that have been forwarded many times , and even delete everything sent and received in an individual or group chat.

On the other hand, when the storage amount of the mobile phone reaches extremely low levels, WhatsApp may not work properly . In that case, the messaging application itself prompts the user to delete items to free up space so that the app can be used optimally.



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