New anti-piracy technique: pirate portals that are resurrected to fight piracy

New anti-piracy technique: pirate portals that are resurrected to fight piracy

Groups that fight against piracy of copyrighted content around the world, from time to time are “taking out” new tactics to continue their battle due to the limited success achieved with the previous ones, as it seems to be happening now .

We will start by saying that in the last year 2 016 the French police closed the most important pirate site in the country, Zone-Telechargement , a platform with millions of regular visitors , so that his “resurrection” would be great news for many, something that happened Recently. The problem is that Internet users are now beginning to realize that it is currently run by an anti-piracy company . The closure of the portal happened last November to the chagrin of the millions of people who visited it daily, since it had been in operation since 2012, a success largely achieved after the disappearance of Megaupload.

Therefore in its reappearance the site claimed to be a reincarnation of the original that is trying to capture traffic by claiming to be the new Zona-Telechargement with a new indexing address to find movies and series . They claim to do everything possible so that visitors can see their movies and series in the best conditions and in complete safety . However, in recent days there has been talk of all this, all after the new portal has 100,000 links on Google after its official “reappearance” in August.

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But now they have realized that this is not just any pirated site , in fact it is not a pirated site at all, although it looks exactly like its namesake. We say this because the new Zone-Telechargement links only legal content from platforms such as Amazon , iTunes and other official sources.

Anti-piracy groups pose as pirates to promote legal platforms
The site is hosted in France and uses film covers and metadata from the “National Film Center” which allows official suppliers to access a database of supporting content to help them sell their products online . Therefore this is considered by many to be an innovative and unconventional service created by the film industry to win over pirates and lure them into legal payment platforms .

And this is not the only case detected, since Voirfilms is located on the same server in France. al, which clones VoirFilms. org, a pirated site also blocked at the beginning of the year and that now only links to legal content , trying to appear otherwise, at least initially. Everything suggested that when using the same host server and mail server , the same people were behind both domains, posing as pirated sites in an effort to generate income and adhere to legal platforms, as it really happens.
Recently it has been discovered that the Blue Efficience anti-piracy team is behind the plan, all in order to promote the legal offer , they confirm from the group itself. Because pirate sites are too talented to take the lead on search engines and defeat legal offers, they are using their same “weapons,” they say.


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