Cell phone turning off by itself? See what to do and what can be

Cell phone turning off by itself? See what to do and what can be

See some causes for the cell phone to turn off by itself and learn how to solve it

Does your cell phone turn off by itself? You have to be attentive. Some time ago, the device ceased to be used just to make calls and became an indispensable accessory in everyday life.

Cell phone turning off by itself with load? iPhone restarting by itself? What to do in these cases? What could be the reason? In this text we raise the possible reasons that make your cell phone turn off by itself and we bring practical solutions for you to identify and solve the problem.

Cell phone turning off by itself could be the battery

In many cases, when you have a cell phone that turns off on its own even with a charge, the problem may be in the battery. This happens because of natural wear and tear. With time and many charging cycles, the battery no longer performs as it should. In this case, you need to replace it.

What to do in this case?

If your device is new, and the battery has a problem, you should seek technical assistance, especially if the device is still under warranty. Thus, you will not suffer damage and the brand itself must be responsible.

Alternative parts can leave the cell phone turning itself off

Buying a smartphone of a certain brand, but using accessories that are not original can be one of the causes of the cell phone restarting itself or the cell phone turning itself off even with a charge. As well as exchanging parts of the device in unauthorized stores

Over time, the smartphone may stop responding to non-genuine parts and accessories. If you have gone to authorized assistance and they have found no defects, it is likely that incompatibility with these “alternative” accessories is the cause.

What to do in this case?

In that case, use an official charger or battery, for example, and see if that solves the problem. Incidentally, this is one of the main causes of the iPhone turning itself off, as Apple is stricter with its ecosystem of devices and accessories.

Cell phone turning off by itself?

The cell phone turning itself off may be related to the environment being too hot or too cold. This is a form of system protection to prevent damage to the device. The most recurrent cases are overheating of the cell phone, which can also be linked to the tasks it is currently performing.

Apple cell phones warn when the temperature is too high with an image of a thermometer on the screen. That is: if this is the cause of the iPhone turning off by itself, it will let you know. Android, for example, has an overheating detection feature on the smartphone’s USB port.

What to do with the cell phone turning itself off in this case?

Move to an environment that is not too hot or too cold. Close any applications that are running and wait a few minutes for the temperature to normalize, checking if it responds to commands again.

RAM memory can leave the cell phone shutting down by itself

Another explanation for the cell phone turning itself off even with load is the very full RAM memory. In this case, the system slows down and the device automatically turns off as a form of protection.

You can confirm that this is the problem through your smartphone’s program management. Check if there are many apps open or the need to uninstall some apps to get the operation back to normal.

If you have a lot of photos and videos saved, storage that is too full can also leave your cell phone shutting down by itself.

Oxidation can be another cause of the cell phone turning itself off.

Another problem that makes the cell phone turn off by itself with a load is internal oxidation. If your cell phone has been wet recently, it may be that internally it is starting to oxidize, and this interferes with the transmission of energy to all components.

Cell phone turning off by itself due to oxidation?

In this case, it is important not to try to solve it yourself, opening the cell phone, for example. You should seek help from technical assistance for a trained professional to identify and fix it correctly, so that the cell phone stops turning itself off.

iPhone turning off by itself: what could it be

In addition to the technical problems already presented, there may be another cause that explains an iPhone turning off by itself. If iOS is outdated or has a bug, the device may turn off or restart itself when opening an application, for example.

Restore iPhone that is turning off by itself

iPhone restore is a procedure for cell phones that have malfunctions due to recurring system errors. The procedure completely reinstalls the operating system, and it is recommended that you do it in an authorized technical assistance to guarantee the procedure.

Try reinstalling the app that makes the iPhone turn off by itself

If you have an iPhone that restarts itself whenever you use a specific app, one solution is to uninstall and reinstall that specific app, as it probably has a bug. However, in this case it is worth making sure that the problem only happens with that app in question.

Cell phone restarting alone: ​​now what?

If the problem is the cell phone restarting itself, the causes are probably not very different from those already presented here. Outdated or corrupted operating system, too many apps running in the background or full memory are the most common reasons.

What to do with the cell phone restarting alone?

Update the operating system . You can activate this command in the “Settings” option of your device – Android or iOS;
Freeing up space on your device is also a feature, and apps like Google Files can help;
Finally, check the battery status . If it has many years of use, it may be failing and causing the cell phone to malfunction by restarting itself.
If you’ve followed all the tips and the cell phone keeps turning itself off, maybe it’s time to change the device. Smartphones have a planned obsolescence, that is: after some time, they start to have problems, even if you are careful.

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