In the future the days will have 25 hours and everything is due to this process that the Earth is undergoing

In the future the days will have 25 hours and everything is due to this process that the Earth is undergoing

Tens of millions of years ago the day lasted less than it does now and in the future it will last longer.
When we ask a person on the street how long the day lasts, the answer will be short and forceful: 24 hours. However, and although it is correct, it should be clarified that it is correct for the moment. Yes, as you are reading, the length of days on Earth has been increasing for hundreds of millions of years . So in the future the days will last longer than now.

Studies have confirmed this pattern and have concluded that throughout Earth’s history the length of days has become increasingly longer. 1.4 billion years ago, for example, the day lasted 18 hours and 41 minutes. In the time of the fierce dinosaurs, the day had 23 hours. And now we have 24. However, science suggests that within 200 million years the day will last 25 hours .

25 hour days, it is the future and it is inevitable

This is perfect, but why would such a thing happen? Well, the thing is simple to understand, everything is due to the Earth’s own composition and movement. Our planet is not a solid mass, but a rolling ball made up of solids and liquids. Due to this dynamic between materials, the planet can accelerate or decelerate , depending on the moment.

Now, thanks to new technology, small changes in rotation can be measured. In fact, at the Technical University of Munich (Germany), scientists have been able to know how much days on Earth grow over time. The measurement, carried out with complex lasers, has determined that every two weeks the Earth fluctuates a total of 6 milliseconds . This is what Popular Mechanics has mentioned

That is to say, as we anticipated at the beginning, we will not see a substantial change until 200 million years from now, increasing the length of the day by one hour. What will we do with that extra time? Well, unfortunately, it won’t be up to us to find out , but it will be up to whoever is present on Earth at that time. In conclusion we can say that:

  • Days on Earth have never lasted 24 hours until now.
  • Hundreds of millions of years ago they lasted just 18 hours .
  • This time is capable of being measured with the latest generation technology available.

These experiments join the long list of those that equally demonstrate that the Earth is not flat as small groups think. In addition to how there are more things than gravity that affect us as human beings, even if they are still barely perceptible .


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