Google shows you the countdown to the Ethereum Merge

Google shows you the countdown to the Ethereum Merge

Key facts:
The counter also shows the current difficulty of mining in Ethereum.
It can only be seen if Google is set to English.

The search engine Google recently began to offer its netizens the possibility of counting the days, hours and minutes remaining for the arrival of the Merge on Ethereum. An event that will merge the two main layers that currently make up this network (the execution layer and the consensus layer) and will change mining to staking .

Sam Padilla, developer of the Google Cloud server, announced through his Twitter account that the tracking tool for the arrival of the Merge to Ethereum was already available in the search engine.

In addition to the time remaining for the Ethereum Merge to occur , the tool also displays the network’s current mining difficulty , its hashrate, and the mining difficulty that must be reached for the merge to occur.

How can I see the Ethereum “Merge” countdown on Google?

Access to this Google tool is, in theory, simple. You just have to type the words “ethereum merge” in the search engine to display the countdown. However, many people had trouble accessing the tool at first.

After several failed attempts with connections from countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Germany and the United States, both from PCs and from the Google mobile application, it was discovered that it is necessary to have the search engine configured in English.

To change the Google language to English, select the gear icon at the top right of the page, as seen in the following image.

Then, a menu will be displayed in which you have to select the “Languages” section.

Finally, a list of languages ​​will appear where you will have to select English and click on the “Save” button, at the bottom right of the page.

It is important to clarify that, as CriptoNoticias detailed in several articles, there is no exact moment for the merger between the consensus and execution layers of Ethereum to occur. This, in theory, could happen at any time between now and September 20 and will depend on how the mining power decreases, as the difficulty increases.

The Ethereum Merge will be the end result of a series of updates and changes to the protocol of the network co-founded by Vitalik Buterin in 2014. The developer previously went on to acknowledge that while his intention was always for Ethereum to migrate to use of proof of participation (PoS) as a consensus mechanism, the ideal for its start was the use of proof of work (PoW).



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