WhatsApp channels

WhatsApp channels

The channels may be public or private, and may also be verified to avoid hoaxes and scams.

WhatsApp announced a lot of new features last yearthat have been coming to the app slowly, but steadily. Within the entire range of updates that have been coming to the app, we have seen new privacy settings and interface improvements , but we still have no news of the two most anticipated new features : editing messages and channels. However, at WABetaInfo they have managed to test the interface of the expected channels, and everything indicates that they will work in a very similar way to those of Telegram.


At first glance the channels look like a normal group, but there are several obvious differences . To begin with, when displaying the channel information we will see the options to follow it, forward it to our contacts or share it . We can also silence notifications with a simple button, which is accompanied by an unfollow icon to stop following the channel and another report icon. In WABetaInfo they assure that in case of being reported, that channel will be reviewed by a Meta moderation team and, in case of not meeting its conditions, it will be eliminated. Telegram has already shown us that the channels can go crazy, so Meta seems to be very careful in that regard.

WhatsApp channels are displayed for the first time

The channels can bring together thousands of people , but we can also create them for a more “exclusive” group of people. To do this, Meta has enabled the channels to be public or private , although it is clear that the public will be the most crowded. Channels created by companies or organizations seem to be able to choose to verify their identity with a green check , which will be displayed next to the channel name. It is one more step to guarantee the veracity of the publications and avoid scams or hoaxes, and again, it is something that Telegram has been implementing for years.

At the moment we do not know much more information about when the communities will arrive , although we have already been able to see the interface… they should not be long in coming. At the moment, one of the most recent innovations in WhatsApp is the possibility of protecting your chats with a password , which can already be tested in the latest version. For the channels we will have to wait a little longer, but when they arrive, it will completely change the way we use the application.



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