Fix Windows 11 update stuck at 61%

Fix Windows 11 update stuck at 61%

You stumbled upon Windows 11 update stuck at 61% error while updating your Windows 10 system to the latest version of Windows 11, keep reading the article to find out how to fix the error and update to the latest version with ease.

The Windows 11 operating system has improved the user experience and added a lot of powerful new capabilities and so everyone is upgrading to Windows 11 using the Windows Update feature .

But many users reported that they start seeing the Windows 11 installer gets stuck at 61% error. Well, the reason the update gets stuck is your PC won’t meet the hardware requirements .

So be sure to check the Windows 11 system requirements and make sure TPM is enabled.

However, if this is not the case, then there might be a possibility that the update is downloading in the background but the percentage marker is getting stuck due to reasons like slow internet and others .

Learn about possible solutions below that worked for many affected users to resolve the error and upgrade to Windows 11. But, before heading towards the fixes, it’s important that you understand the common culprits that cause the upgrade to fail or suck.

What causes the Windows 11 update stuck at 61% Error?

  • Internet connection slow or unstable
  • Peripherals are incompatible
  • Drivers are incompatible (Conexant audio drivers and Sennheiser drivers)
  • The games are incompatible
  • Some installed programs are in conflict
  • unnecessary files

As you are now familiar with the common causes that trigger the problem, here follow the given solutions one by one to resolve the error.

Como arreglar Windows 11 Installer Gets Stuck at 61%?

Please Note – The given fixes work in all cases like Windows 11 update stuck at 0%, 61%, 99%, and 100%, so make sure to try the given solutions one by one

Solution 1 – Check your Internet connection

As said above, slow or unstable internet connection or power outages can cause Windows 11 updates to stop.

Check if you are connected via WIFI then try using an Ethernet or wired connection to connect.

Despite this, try streaming services like YouTube to check if the internet is working properly. Additionally, you can also switch to different Internet connections if they are available.

Also, connect your Internet service provider to fix unstable and slow internet problems . Furthermore, you can also leave your computer plugged in and unattended for hours until the installation procedure is complete.

But if the problem is not Internet related, then skip to the next potential solution.

Solution 2 – Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

If you’re having problems with Windows Update, try running the Windows Update troubleshooter before trying anything else.

  • Ir Start > Settings > Update & Security
  • Now click Troubleshoot > Windows Update > Run the troubleshooter.

Windows 10 update errors


  • Let the utility scan for problems and fix the problem.

And once the scanning process is done, try to download and install the update and see if the problem is over.

The update cache is deleted, along with any potentially corrupted files or stuck downloads, when you run the Windows Update Troubleshooter but if that fails, try clearing the update cache manually.

Solution 3 – Clear Windows Update cache

There is a possibility that Windows update errors is with the Windows Update cache and deleting the Windows update cache is a great way to solve the problem.

Then follow the steps to do it:

Windows 11 update stuck at 61% </strong>”width=”586″height=”304″data-lazy-src=” 12/1640370908_843_Fixed -Windows-11-Update-stuck-at-61-9-PROVEN-WAYS.png ”> </p> <p> <noscript> <img class =And try to install the Windows 11 update.

Solution 4 – Disconnect devices that are not compatible with your PC

Incompatible devices and programs are the main culprits. Any non-essential external devices should be unplugged if you are having a problem installing Windows 11. What can you turn off? They are the following:

  • Bluetooth mic and keyboard receivers
  • External hard drives are portable storage devices.
  • Printers
  • Scanners

Solution 5 – Use System File Checker

Windows updates can be prevented due to problems or corrupted system files, so try running the built-in SFC scan to repair Windows corrupted files.

  • Abre el command prompt as an administrator
  • At the command prompt, type the sfc /scannow command to verify your system files .

sfc / scannow


  • Wait for the scan and repair procedure to finish
  • Then at the command prompt run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth > hit Enter

home button not working


  • Let the command scan and execute 100 percent of the time.

After the scanning process is finished, reboot your system and try to install the Windows 11 update.

Solution 6 – Uninstall Conexant Audio Driver

Many users stated that removing an associated Conexant audio device fixed the issue. Windows 11 stuck in working on updates 61% problem.

So here it is worth a try. Let’s take a look at how it works.

First, disable automatic driver download.

  • hit Win + R and type control > open Control Panel the chosen System > Advanced System Settings

View advanced system settings


  • Click Device installation settings on the Hardware tab.

Windows 11 update stuck at 61%

  • Choose No under Device Installation settings (your device may not work as planned).

Windows 11 update stuck at 61%


Now you need to uninstall the Conexant audio device driver via Device Manager :

  • Enter Device Manager in the taskbar search box, then select it from the menu (or press Win + R and type devmgmt.msc)



  • Now in the Sound, video and game controllers option double click
  • Right mouse click Conexant audio device and choose Uninstall Device.

Windows 11 update stuck at 61%


  • Click on the Uninstall option in the pop-up window.

Well, some Conexant drivers may also show up under Audio inputs and outputs devices, so make sure you update those as well.

  • Avoid restarting your computer as this will reinstall the driver.
  • So exit Device Manager.
  • And launch File Explorer and go to the location – C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload .

Windows 11 update stuck at 61%


  • And Ctrl +A to choose full items available there and from Home option hit the Delete icon
  • If prompted, confirm
  • Then start the update process .

Hope this works to resolve Windows 11 update stuck at 61% issue.

Solution 7 – Check the software distribution folder

If you are not sure if the update is still running, go to C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution and check. All temporary files and data required for the upgrade are stored in the Software Distribution folder.

Right-click on the blank space in the folder and choose Properties from the menu. Then check the size of the folder to see if any new files have been added.

If the size remains the same, restart Windows 11 Update by following these steps:

Disable Windows Update and the Background Intelligent Transfer Service

  • To start an elevated command prompt, open the Start menu search , type cmd, and then select Run as administrator .
  • Run net stop wuauserv and net stop bits

Windows 11 update stuck at 61%


  • Command Prompt should now be closed.

Activate the services again.

  • Open command prompt and run as administrator
  • One by one, run the net start wuauserv and net start bits commands.
  • Exit the command prompt

Try updating Windows 11 one more time to see if the problem persists.

Solution 8 – Run Windows in a clean boot state

The Windows Clean boot state is typically used to diagnose problems that may arise after installing Windows Update, software, or device drivers.

  • By pressing the Windows key + R, access the Run .
  • Type msconfig and hit enter to open the Windows configuration tool .

run msconfig


  • Go to Selective startup from the general tab , clear the load startup items checkbox and make sure load system services and use original boot configuration are enabled.

Critical Service Failed BSOD Error


  • Next, go to the services tab and check the box to hide all Microsoft services , then disable all.

Avast SecureLine VPN not working


  • After that, click Apply, then OK , and then restart your computer .
  • Check for updates one more time, and maybe you’ll be successful this time.

Check if you can download Windows without seeing Windows 11 installer gets stuck at 61% error.

Solution 9 – Manually download and install the Windows 11 update

If your issue is still not resolved, try manually downloading the Windows 11 update . Although Windows Update is the preferred method of receiving updates, Microsoft also allows users to manually download new patches from the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

  • Ve a la Microsoft Update Catalogue website
  • Find the KB number of the security update that is not being installed or downloaded.
  • Locate the update file , Save this on your computer.
  • Once it finishes downloading, run it as administrator.

I hope now you can easily upgrade to Windows 11 without getting stuck.

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So this is about update to Win11 is stuck at 61 percent .

Try the solutions offered in this article given accordingly to resolve the Windows upgrade stuck 99%, 66% and other percentage issues and upgrade to Windows 11

But before starting with the given solutions, make sure your internet connection is essential to avoid breakdowns and avoid power outages.


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