The 7 most amazing news of this Mobile World Congress 2023

The 7 most amazing news of this Mobile World Congress 2023

With the post-MWC 2023 hangover, I come to tell you about the experience of discovering the great news that comes to the technology sector . During the days of the fair I have toured the pavilions in search of the most avant-garde technology and I have come across the most interesting gadgets and products. In the next lines I compile what have been, in my opinion, the most outstanding novelties of this MWC 2023 .

There are many products, such as the Samsung S23 or the OPPO foldables that we have already been able to see a little before the fair, but in Barcelona I have been able to contact these technologies again, this time in more depth . However, there have been many new products seen for the first time at this MWC.

Xiaomi Augmented Reality glasses

Xiaomi’s android prototype presided over the stand of the Chinese brand, but if we went a little further we would come across the new augmented reality glasses . This new model integrates a mini LED screen in each lens , with a high level of brightness of 1200 nits and a clearer and sharper image than ever . In an environment where Meta Quest Pro wants to be a benchmark, the Chinese brand answers with simpler glasses but with a great finish, and that also use the same brain as Meta’s proposal: the Snapdragon XR 2 Gen 1 .

The nubia 3D tablet that works without glasses

From groundbreaking glasses, to technology just as groundbreaking as it is precisely for giving up glasses . We have tested the nubia 3D tablet at the MWC , which achieves a three-dimensional effect without any type of peripherals. The most surprising thing is that it manages to generate the visual effect even in a photograph that has been taken in the traditional way, in 2D. We have seen the tablet work with video and some video games and we have been amazed.

Lenovo mobiles and laptops that fold

Tucked away in a glass cabinet and out of prying hands were Lenovo’s new “foldable tech” concepts . We have been able to see both a mobile phone and a laptop whose screens folded and folded on themselves as if it were a tape from the supermarket box . It is clear that it is a technology that large companies are tinkering with, but perhaps it is not ready for the general public. In the prototypes that Lenovo had on display, the visual effect was impressive .

Nokia has a new logo

We did not expect great news in telephony from Nokia, but they have still managed to surprise us . They have done it on another front, since they have changed the typography of their logo after more than half a century using it. The new font is more aggressive, simpler, and much more polygonal . I still haven’t decided if I like this or the previous one better, but the change is certainly daring.

Realme GT3 and its ultra-fast 240W charge

The new realme GT3 has been presented worldwide during MWC 2023, and we have been amazed with its ultra-fast charging . With a live demo, he has really shown the world the incredible charging capacity of his new phone, which can go from 0 to 20% in just 80 seconds . The Chinese firm has promised that from now on it will not release any product that does not integrate a novelty that is “the best on the market in our price range” . For now, they have fulfilled.

OnePlus and its concept with liquid cooling

If you thought liquid cooling was just for desktops, think again. OnePlus is looking to integrate this technology into its phones , and at Mobile World Congress they presented a concept showing a design with what looked like “pipes” on the outside . Obviously it did not yet have a flow of water, far from it, but of course the idea seems quite groundbreaking.

El HUAWEI Watch Buds

No, I have not made a mistake with the article. It is THE HUAWEI since we are talking about a watch, but not just any one . At MWC we have been able to test this daring new wearable that integrates earbuds into the watch itself . The headphones sound incredibly good, and the watch, even though it’s a bit thick, doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the wrist.



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