One of the best novelties of Android 13 will reach the oldest mobiles

One of the best novelties of Android 13 will reach the oldest mobiles

If you have Android 11 or later, you can enjoy it.

A few days ago we told you that Android 13 was just around the corner, and that it was possible that it would be a little earlier than usual, being deployed during the next month of September on the first mobiles. And far from what we might think, not all the functions that this operating system releases will be exclusive to the most modern mobile users. Because we have now learned that at least one of these great novelties will arrive indiscriminately to many more veteran mobiles, even those that do not receive the new version of the operating system.

They will enjoy the new interface for images

It is one of the most interesting novelties of this version of the system, and best of all, if your mobile phone has Android 11 or later , you will be able to count on this new functionality for the operating system interface. That is what we see on the Google developers page , and specifically on the one that deals with the API of the new Android 13 photo selector. In this way, even if you do not update to the new version of the system, you will still have this important novelty on your mobile.

And it is that this new selector completely changes our way of accessing the photo gallery when we want to attach something to an app. At least the design is completely renewed, based entirely on the You Material that Android 13 and Android 12, for example, are inspired by. As Google has shown other times, this new interface will show us the photos in a more natural way, with thumbnails larger, which will allow us to better appreciate the content of the photos even before they are fully opened.

We will be able to choose one or several photos, with an interface that reminds us a lot of Google Photos, and that therefore will be very easy to use by all kinds of users, with different levels of knowledge and experience in these matters. In addition, within this interface we will discriminate between photos and albums , so we can directly access the latter that we have created for the occasion. Now, we do not know for sure what will be the moment in which Google developers implement these novelties in those mobiles that do not have Android 13.

We understand that it will be the developers of each manufacturer’s own customization layers that will implement these new features in their mobile software, even if they do not update to this new version of the system. Something to be thankful for, because it is clear that on many occasions the two years of system updates are clearly insufficient and leave us wanting more. In this way, those who have a somewhat older mobile will still have the option of seeing an important part of their phone improved.



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