Netflix decides to cut prices in more than 100 countries

Netflix decides to cut prices in more than 100 countries

The new table of values ​​will be even more aggressive in low-income markets and in which the company has less adhesion
Netflix has reduced subscription prices in 30 countries and is expected to reach up to 100 markets by the end of the quarter . In some of the regions, the cuts reach up to half of the amounts charged until then by the company. Other levels are being cut from 17% to 25% off the price.

“We are always exploring ways to improve our members’ experience,” Netflix said Thursday in a statement. “We can confirm that we are updating pricing for our plans in certain countries.”

When completed, the price cuts will affect more than 10 million subscribers in markets including Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, independent research firm Ampere Analysis told the paper separately.

In common, countries have low adherence to the streaming platform and also do not yet have the ad-supported version of the service. Therefore, the strategy should help the company to increase the customer base that has already registered stagnation and reduction in the quarters after the covid-19 pandemic.

For Brazilian customers, the company did not disclose any reduction. In the country, the last price adjustment was carried out in January 2022.

How much do Netflix plans cost?

See prices for subscribing to the streaming service, number of screens and quality of content display:

Basic Plan (1 screen)
Price: R$ 25.90

Standard Plan (2 simultaneous screens and HD video
Price: R$ 39.90

Premium Plan (4 simultaneous screens, HD and Ultra HD video)
Price: BRL 55.90



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