Clubhouse Clone of Spotify Adds Six New Weekly Shows, Some Related to Spotify Playlists – TechCrunch

Clubhouse Clone of Spotify Adds Six New Weekly Shows, Some Related to Spotify Playlists – TechCrunch

This summer, Spotify launched its live audio app and its Clubhouse rival, Spotify Greenroom, promising more programming in the coming months to augment its primarily user-generated live content. Today, the company is delivering on that previous commitment, launching six new shows on Spotify Greenroom focused on pop culture and music, in addition to what Spotify calls “playlist-inspired shows,” meaning those that are inspired by Spotify’s own. playlists.

This includes a new show based on the popular Lorem playlist, which launched in 2019, featuring an eclectic mix of music including indie pop, R&B, garage rock, hip-hop, and more, targeting a younger audience of Generation Z. That playlist today has more than 884,000 likes on Spotify and has become one of the places where new artists can find their way onto the platform. Now, Lorem listeners will be connected to “Lorem Life,” a Spotify Greenroom show that will feature a mix of culture and discussions about music, environment, sustainability, fashion and space, Spotify says. The show is hosted by Generation Z influencers and TikTok stars Dev Lemons and Max Motley, who will network with other artists and influencers.

Another new “playlist-inspired” show is “The Get Up LIVE.” If the name sounds familiar, it’s because “The Get Up” was featured last fall as Spotify’s version of a daily morning show, mixing music with radio-style content led by presenters discussing the news, pop culture, entertainment and other topics. . However, to date, that content has not been provided as a live program. Instead, the show has been pre-recorded and then available as a playlist that gives listeners the feel of a daily FM radio show. Now, “The Get Up” co-hosts Kat Lazo and Xavier “X” Jernigan will record their show live at Greenroom. The show was originally planned to launch on Wednesday, September 15 at 11 a.m. ET, but it has been delayed. *

This bizarre moment seems to contradict Spotify’s original intention to provide a show for those who commute to the office. But with the rise of remote work in the face of the never-ending pandemic, targeting the commuter audience may be of less interest with the new show. However, Spotify tells us that “The Get up LIVE” will be a complement to the daily program, which will continue to function normally, so it will be broadcast later.

Other new Greenroom shows include “A Gay in the Life,” hosted by married couple actor Garrett Clayton and writer and educator Blake Knight, who will discuss LGBTQIA + news and issues (weekly, 8 pm ET, starting today) ; “Take a Seat,” hosted by Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam from the “Watch What Crappens” podcast, which will recap reality shows and dive into other pop culture fascinations (weekly, 10 pm ET, starting today); “The Movie Buff,” hosted by film buff and comedian Jon Gabrus, who will review and break down the latest hot movies (weekly, 11 pm ET, starting today); and “Most Needed – Live,” a companion to Spotify’s “Most Needed” playlist, where host B.Dot will talk about new hip-hop artists (weekly, 9:00 pm ET,

In addition to the new shows, Deuxmoi’s show “Deux Me After Dark” will also air tonight (September 13) at 9 pm ET to recap the red carpet looks and gossip from this year’s Met Gala alongside. to guest Hillary Kerr, co-founder of Who What Wear.

Greenrom is now available to listeners in more than 135 global markets and has quietly expanded with live audio from the sports site and podcast network “The Ringer,” as well as artists like Pop Smoke, the company says. Other added shows include Men In Blazers, Deaux Me After Dark, True Crime Rewind, and Ask The Tarot. Many of the shows are also posted on demand after the live show ends.

The app had gotten off to a slower start this year, as its roots had been in live sports talk programming, which didn’t necessarily connect with Spotify music fans. Additionally, it has faced increasing competition not only from the Clubhouse, which inspired its creation, but also from other major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and more. Without dedicated programs to attract user interest in another live audio app, the company had only seen 141,000 new downloads for Greenroom on iOS just over a month after its launch, and fewer on Google Play. But Spotify’s long-term vision for the service was to link Greenroom more closely with music, artists,



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