How to connect a mouse to your Android mobile and customize its pointer

How to connect a mouse to your Android mobile and customize its pointer

It’s one of the best features of Android, the ability to connect a mouse, and you can also customize the experience.
Connecting a mouse to the mobile is very simple. Good to use while working or because the touch has been damaged in a fall. It can be the solution to move around the screen without touching it . Next, we will tell you how to connect a wireless mouse to the mobile.

Connect the mouse to the mobile and customize the pointer

For many, the mobile phone is synonymous with the portable office. From the small screen of the mobile they can manage all the aspects related to their professional activity as if it were a laptop. Hence, we need to connect a mouse to speed up some of the processes, since, although the sensitivity and pressure of the screens is getting better, they are not as precise as the mouse pointer . We have several options to connect a mouse to the mobile, we can use a USB type C adapter to connect a mouse or much easier to do it using the Bluetooth connectivity of both devices.In the same way that we connect headphones or any other wireless gadget, we can connect a mouse without problems. Depending on the customization skin of our mobile, we find the setting with a different name or in a different menu. Although in general the process is the same.

  • Enter the Bluetooth settings and select “pair new device”
  • Select the mouse from the list, which previously, if necessary, will be in link mode. Although most of these do not need this pre-setting.
  • Once we have located it in the list of available devices, we select the mouse and connect it.
  • So, by doing so, we can see the pointer superimposed on the mobile screen , so when we move the mouse we see how it moves without problems. Now we can change the pointer aspect.
  • To change the appearance of the pointer, we access the phone settings , to locate it more easily, the ideal is to perform a search, using the search box at the top.
  • In this way we more easily access the customization options
  • In the case of Samsung , we find several adjustments that range from changing the color of the pointer to varying its size and precision.
  • As a general rule, the appearance of this is a white arrow, with this setting we can choose between a range of colors that include black, green, yellow, red, purple and blue.
  • To change the size of this, we have a bar that goes from small to large in which we can choose between seven intermediate sizes .

So thanks to the use of a mouse, a keyboard and sending the content of the screen of our phone to a larger screen we can have a fully functional office. Something that for some makes their work much easier. Being now much easier to edit documents and work in a much more comfortable way. We can also use the mouse in the event that our screen has suffered an accident and its touch function does not work well .


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