The USB type C connector is the only charger in Europe

The USB type C connector is the only charger in Europe

In this way, all manufacturers are forced to integrate this connector before the end of 2024, including Apple on its iPhone.

It is often said that things in the palace go slowly, and never better said, because laws must go through a large number of procedures until they become just that, law. And the one that has led to the USB Type-C connector has had to go through many in recent months and years. And it is that, although we already knew for many months that the USB type C connector was going to become standard, it has not been until now when this has already become law, and it will have to be complied with by all technology manufacturers who want to sell their products in Europe. And yes, now all eyes are on Apple, which will be forced to make major changes to its range of mobiles.

Apple will have to accept it yes or yes

The new law that has just been approved sets a two-year moratorium for manufacturers to adapt and launch their products with this charger, USB type C, which until now has been the majority connector among the most recent Android mobiles. In this way, before the end of 2024, Apple must equip the iPhone with a USB type C connector, yes or yes , which until now have had the Lightning connector since its inception, and therefore if it wants to continue selling them, it will be necessary that they have this connector.

USB Type-C connector

The first devices that will be required to equip this connector will be smartphones, tablets and digital cameras. And from the spring of 2026 this will also be extended to laptops, which will then have to have the USB Type-C connector. So, in the case of Apple, if we talk about the end of 2024, we may still have ahead of two generations of iPhone with the Lightning connector , such as the iPhone 15 and 16.

Therefore, it would not be until the iPhone 17 , which would be launched in 2025, in the month of September, that it would be obliged to have it. In any case, the latest rumors suggest that Apple could comply with this new law sooner than we expect, even with the iPhone 15 that would arrive in 2023. Those from Cupertino had deeply complained about this decision by the European Union, alleging that with it, innovation in the sector was going to be discouraged. But the motivations behind these important changes are different, and they benefit us all.

Because with this, the European Union first wants to reduce the amount of electronic waste that is generated every year, which is not few, since not having to buy chargers with the new phone reduces precisely that garbage . And secondly, the best thing for consumers is that with a single charger we can charge practically all the gadgets we buy. And also to find the charger more easily in places where it would normally be more difficult due to the variety of devices and chargers. Something that will also facilitate the recycling of devices and their useful life because when we find them collecting dust in a drawer, it will no longer be necessary to search for their charger to use it again.


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