Nyaa Proxy: 100% Working List to Unblock

Nyaa Proxy: 100% Working List to Unblock

What is Nyaa Anime Torrent and what does it mean?

Nyaa is a well-known website for torrenting anime. It offers both dubbed as well as subbed Japanese content. It also has a library that includes music videos, manga, live-action series, and movies. You can also find content from China and Korea on the website.

You can also find a large variety of content in English that has been subbed or dubbed in other languages on the site. You can also find many software and games on the site.

Nyaa’s data base is user-generated. Its community of passionate fans upload content to it. You can work safely with all media files found on Nyaa. This means that there is no porn or violent and graphic material on this site.

But, it also has a Sukebei Nyaa (NSFW), counterpart. This is where Nyaa hentai can be found as well as other NSFW videos. You should remember that Nyaa Sukebei moderators will still require uploaders to adhere to their strict rules for uploading anime porn material.

Nyaa Alternatives – Other Resources for Anime downloads

Once upon a time, finding anime content outside Japan or Asia was difficult. It is now easier to find it on more mainstream platforms like Netflix. You can also get your anime fix through paid streaming services such as Crunchyroll, Funimation and others. However, not everyone has the budget to pay for premium subscriptions to get the most recent episodes of their favorite anime.

We saw the rise in pirated anime streaming websites like GogoAnime (now defunct KissAnime). These two sites were the most popular for anime lovers, or’Opaques to view and download anime without any charges.

Here are some Nyaa alternatives if you still want the stability of anime torrent sites.


Long-time anime fans will know that HorribleSubs was a popular alternative to Nyaa. SubsPlease was established in 2020 after the site shut down. SubsPlease has a great reputation for providing anime content.

SubsPlease is not able to host your own content like Nyaa’s archive. Instead, a team of dedicated people rips off subbed content found on legal anime streaming sites like AnimeLab.

SubsPlease has a schedule feature, in the form of lists. This section shows you when your favorite show’s latest episode will be posted. SubsPlease’s team tries to upload episodes no more than an hour after they air. So you don’t have to wait until the next anime series airs.

The anime torrent site also doesn’t have any annoying online ads. So, you won’t have to worry about using an ad blocker against annoying pop-up and redirect clicks.

Unfortunately, this torrenting site only offers anime with English subs. SubsPlease strictly adheres to fast and consistent releases. The SubsPlease team states that uploading content with subtitles written in different languages can affect the process.


BakaBT, another popular torrenting website that focuses on Japanese content, is also a favorite. It is known for its exclusivity and unique features. BakaBT, a private torrent tracker is required to sign up to view and/or download their content. BakaBT registration is not an easy process.

BakaBT invites will be required before you can access the site’s 20,000 torrents. After that, you will need to interview with a site moderator via internet relay chat (IRC).

You can access a wide range of top-quality content once you are a member of this exclusive anime community. BakaBT has strict rules and guidelines that ensure the highest quality release of anime shows to its users.

BakaBT users have to adhere to a 2:1 ratio. To download 2MB worth file, you must upload 1MB. This is the site’s method of ensuring that all their torrents have been well-seeded.


Are you not interested in signing up for private trackers, such as BakaBT but don’t mind the hassle? Are you still interested in public anime torrent sites or private trackers like BakaBT? If this is the case, the next entry to this list is a fantastic Nyaa alternative.

AniRena is an anime-centric BitTorrent tracker that has been in existence since 2003. Like other great torrent sites it has been through some ups and downs. It’s still a popular choice for those who want to watch their favorite anime shows.

AniRena’s platform offers many content options. There are many categories available on the homepage. You can select from raw content, music and anime. AniRena offers over 14,000 torrents so there is plenty to choose from. There are also anime and dramas that can be subbed or dubbed into different languages. It is one of the most popular anime torrent sites.

AniRena is also known for its active online community. It is easy to communicate with anime fans without registering. You can chat with both registered and casual members of the site. You can also join their Discord channel to discuss with other users about the latest and best anime shows out there.

The Pirate Bay

If you have been browsing the internet for a while, you will be familiar with The Pirate Bay (TPB). TPB is the pioneer of torrenting. TPB isn’t an anime torrent site, which is a difference from other entries. It is still worthy of mention because it has an infinite number of anime shows. With that said, there’s certainly no shortage of anime torrents on The Pirate Bay.

TPB can help you find more obscure titles if it’s difficult. TPB is also the only place you can find anime in multiple language versions. Thanks to all its users around the globe, this is possible. It also features a library of manga, making it a great MangaStream alternative.

TPB has unbeatable download speeds due to its millions of daily users. Its simple interface, which is easy on the eyes, is another bonus.

TPB’s popularity has one downside: it is often blocked in certain countries. However, you can easily fix the problem by visiting any of The Pirate Bay proxy websites and connecting to a VPN.


You can’t find what anime you want on the sites listed above. If so, check out the rich collection of anime titles that 1337x has to offer. Although it’s similar to TPB, this torrent site is not anime-centric. The site does offer a dedicated category that hosts all older and latest anime shows. There are also subcategories at 1337x that make it easier to search for subbed and dubbed anime content. Also, you can find untranslated and raw videos as well as files with dual-audio.

Mirrors and Proxies of Nyaa

Nyaa.si can’t be reached in many countries around the globe so there are several proxy and mirror websites that provide access to the original website. Official nyaa staffers create and manage Nyaa mirror websites. They ensure that government authorities do not know the identities of users.

Here are some proxy and mirror sites:


This mirror site nyaa.si, which allows users to access all anime and manga on nyaa.si, is the most used. It is very popular among anime lovers because it has a large collection of torrent files.


This Nyaa mirror site makes it very easy and user-friendly. You can directly download the torrent link from this site directly to your device. Other than this, nyaa1.unblocked.is also contains torrents for almost every anime and manga. This mirror site is highly appreciated by anime lovers.


This mirror site is used to access the contents from the original server at nyaa. It has seen a significant increase in usage over the past few years.


This is the best of all the mirrors on nyaa. It includes all the files and links that were on the original server before it was shut down. This site allows users download any anime they desire. Also, the links are reliable which makes it a popular choice for anime fans.


Mirror sites have all torrent files to many anime shows, movies, and books. Many users like to use it.


As with all mirror sites, this site is a heaven for anime fans. Here they can find any of the shows they love. To protect the identities of users who want to stream their favorite shows via torrent, this site was made to avoid the American cyber security system. This is why it is most popularly used by Americans.


This torrent site has been a favorite destination for anime fans to search their favorite shows and then download them. This mirror site is fast and allows for quick downloads.


This mirror site was created by nyaa.si. It includes all files, torrents, and libraries related to any anime series, game, or manga.

Manga and anime are mainly made in Japan, but they are beloved and watched around the globe. The anime fandom is passionate about their favorite shows. Even though they contain a lot of episodes, millions of people still watch them every day.

Most of the Anime are produced and telecasted from Japan so many fans can’t watch them. A large number of viewers choose to download their favorite shows on different websites. Netflix, among other streaming media websites, has legal rights to broadcast anime shows internationally. But people love torrent sites to download these shows free of charge.


Nyaa.si is a heaven for anime lovers, where they can find any of their favourite shows. Its mirror sites have been loved by users even though the site was removed. This clearly shows that nyaa cannot be removed from anime fans’ lives. Even though it has been banned officially, it can still be used.


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