The Twitter editing button will keep the history of the edited tweet

The Twitter editing button will keep the history of the edited tweet

According to researcher Jin Manchung Wong, the upcoming Twitter editing button feature could follow the history of the tweet. In the tweet, Wong explained how editing services can be consistent, meaning that Twitter can write new tweets with edited content and keep old versions of tweets.

While it is yet to be determined whether Twitter will make public tweet history, the blocking tweet feature may have raised some concerns about how the edit button could change how Twitter works. , but not for the better.

Wong also said that it is not yet known what edited tweets will look like users when browsing Twitter. Application analyst Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted a screenshot of something like an edit button. From the screenshot, it looks like the “Edit Tweet” option may appear in the menu you received when you clicked the three icons next to the tweet.

Twitter has previously admitted that it has been studying the inclusion of the “Edit” feature since last year and plans to start testing in the coming months. Prior to the Twitter consensus, SpaceX founder Elon Musk produced a Twitter poll asking whether an edit button would be introduced, shortly before it became the largest company owner. Twitter insisted that the button has been under discussion for some time now, and that the decision is not in any way a result of the election.

According to Jay Sullivan, Twitter Product Manager, Twitter will start testing Twitter Blue Labs in the coming months. “Without time, management, understanding of change, etc., change can be undermined to change public discourse history,” he said in a statement. .. When the work is done.


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