2020 has finally arrived, and beyond what Nostradamus could have predicted here we are, already walking the third decade of the millennium. The start of the new year brings many surprises to the world of Digital Marketing , from improvements in search engines to new advances in the experience of interaction with users .

In The Social Media Family we collect the most relevant information on the subject and prepare an entire article to explain Digital Marketing trends for this new year 2020 . If you want to know the Digital Marketing trends in previous years we invite you to click on the following link .


Google has set itself a clear goal, that its users find all the information they need on the web, in the shortest possible time and without any impediment. In this sense, Google has focused on developing new tools for searching the web and improving the algorithms with which its engines work. Four aspects are trending in Digital Marketing within this area:

  • The launch of Google Discover , a Google application aimed at providing users with information and multimedia content according to their interests. This algorithm works through Artificial Intelligence and therefore it is perfected over time to improve the user experience ( UX ).
  • The increase in searches that do not generate clicks , also called zero-click searche s , is a consequence of the creation of Featured Snippets , a format through which Google displays search results without the need for the user to enter the website to find it.
  • Launch of updates and improvements to search algorithms . As is the case with the improvements to the BERT system , a deep learning algorithm capable of detecting nuances in the language and contextualizing the search entries to make them more precise.
  • Improvements in voice searches thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence . There are now voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google voice on the market that allow users to perform precise searches by voice commands. Likewise, in view of the need to achieve good visibility for voice assistants, Voice Search Engine Optimization ( VSEO ) has emerged .
  • The introduction of visual search , which allows users to search using images or photographs taken with the mobile device as input.


Another of the Digital Marketing trends for 2020 is to personalize the user experience , a key piece to connect them with the content, product or service offered to them. In addition, the user experience allows a company or supplier to get to know its customers and serve them according to their needs and interests. Among the 2020 trends to improve the user experience we have:

  • Analysis of feelings or opinion mining . An Artificial Intelligence tool that allows to know the reaction of the users around a topic, product or content and later analyze it in the form of data. The results obtained are useful for several things, among them: detecting nuances in opinion, classifying users according to their interest and improving the user experience.
  • Increase in the use of chatbots , softwares coupled to the web and in charge of assisting users in real time and answering any questions they may have. Currently they represent a great advantage over human operators since they have the possibility to attend 24/7 without fatigue and with quite high precision.
  • Direct messaging , through applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber and WeChat . The use of instant messaging is a powerful tool in Digital Marketing since it allows at the same time to spread mass information and connect with each of the users, solving doubts or providing information in real time.


    The Content Marketing is a key element of the Marketing Digital , since most of the time not about the product being offered but the way it sells. Every day various forms of multimedia content are incorporated into the web and with it new possibilities to offer users something. Among the trends in Digital Marketing within this category we have:

    • The continued rise of video marketing , a trend seen since 2017 and expected to continue increasing until 2030. In fact, as Cisco statistics show, video marketing will dominate 80% of web content by 2021.
    • Introduction of interactive content such as 360 ° videos, Ads with augmented reality , questionnaires and surveys. These new forms of content allow users to interact in a more personal way with the web and with products, achieving a true connection with them. Furthermore, through questionnaires and surveys it is possible to obtain direct feedback on their experience.


    One of the main goals of digital marketing is to make a good advertisement and monetize it along the way. In recent years , advertising and monetization strategies have emerged that, thanks to technological development and Artificial Intelligence , have become a trend by 2020 .

    • The emergence of automated click-through payments , a considerable improvement to the current system of manual bidding. Now, through Artificial Intelligence algorithms called ” Smart Offers “, it is possible to optimize our advertising campaigns, sharpening the budget and achieving a better return on invested capital.
    • The increase in influencer marketing , a strategy that makes use of the new celebrities of social networks to connect with a specific audience and offer a product. This marketing strategy seeks to personalize the ecommerce experience and make it more reliable for users.
    • Increase in shoppable posts , a sales format based on the creation of ” sales publications ” on social networks through which users can obtain a product of their interest. In this sense, AI has been quite useful in determining the needs of users and showing them a catalog of products within the same social network in which they browse.


    2020 has arrived and the most important trends in digital marketing predict it to be a good year. The Digital Marketing 2020 is completely about users, their interests, motivations and reactions. It is no longer enough just to publish a post and let the “magic of the internet” do its thing, but now an effort is needed to connect with users and consumers. If you are looking to boost your brand or your website by 2020, we recommend you review the trends in Digital Marketing for 2020 and not miss any detail.


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