What are the Best Online Marketplaces for selling your products to the right people?

What are the Best Online Marketplaces for selling your products to the right people?


Trends have changed in this digital world. Many do not favor visiting a brick and mortar shop and making their purchases.

People prefer to go to the best online marketplace and shop. This is because they can compare prices, have a wider choice, and save time in the process in the best buy online marketplace.

People used to love luxurious malls as it was an experience, but now loyalties have shifted to the best online marketplace website.

An online seller’s choice to market his products in one marketplace has many benefits, but the question to be answered is ‘what is the best online marketplace to sell‘.

Found below are the best online marketplace websites, which is the best marketplace to sell online. One e-commerce place differs from the other, and you need to pick the best online shopping marketplace to sell.


The ones which would give you maximum sales and profit is

Here are these best online marketplace platforms:

  1. Amazon:


Almost a household name by now, Amazon evolved to achieve the best buy online market place in E-commerce.

They boast of more than 250 million shoppers in America itself and more than 5.5 million sellers.

Amazon standardizes the products themselves along with product listings, thus creating a standard of its own.

Even If your product is not from Amazon and they market them, your product would enjoy the same prestige in the best online marketplace. That fact alone would increase your sales. Customers are concerned only about features and pricing, and they would tend to ignore the brand name as Amazon recommends it. Therefore, pricing has to be competitive.

The other part is the features that are on offer to the sellers.

Amazon promotes two features which are;

  1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in which Amazon undertakes packing & shipping all products you sell. The seller is relieved of storing inventory and the cost of extra staff to maintain them. Above all this, Amazon undertakes the responsibilities involving yours, thus becoming the best online marketplace to sell.


  1. Affiliate Program:

This entails the patrons for your products to earn a unique URL, which links indirectly with your storefront, which is virtual.

When the patrons or influencers, as they are known, display your products to their audience, sales are bound to go up due to free and extra exposure.

  1. Wal-Mart:

Apart from being the Numero Uno in retail trading, walmart.com was launched in the year 2000. After this entry into E-commerce, they have achieved phenomenal growth as it is one of the best buy online marketplaces.

The seller, who deals with Wal-mart, has access to more than 130 million people every month, making it one of the best marketplaces to sell online.

There are three conditions to link up with Wal-Mart, which include:

  • High-quality products and a wide range of it
  • Fast fulfillment practices
  • Pricing has to be competitive
  1. eBay:


Founded in 1995 and a business conducted to sell used items on an internet site, eBay has become one of E-commerce’s best retailers.

A seller can promote his new and used items in this marketplace, and the process is simple enough to join.

eBay attracts more than 200 million shoppers every month.

As a seller, you can choose from three plans. They are:

  • Pay the fee after the item is sold.
  • ‘Plus Plan’ would cost the seller $13.50 per month, and you have access to their features.
  • A premium plan which offers tools that are advanced along with pricing.
  1. Etsy:


This marketplace would keep shoppers who look for unique products only. This is welcomed by sellers who are in the small and medium range. The products are generally handmade.

Etsy differs from other marketplaces, which means they sell products even if they happen to have their own. Shoppers are aware of buying your products against other products similar to appearance, thus making it the best shop online marketplace.

The advantage is that you get to maintain your own identity. Etsy has more than 40 million shoppers online every month, and your sale is for sure.

  1. Jet:


A new entrant relatively, Jet was launched in 2015 and purchased by Wal-Mart within a few months.

Jet has proven to be the best online marketplace website for vendors who cater to the niche segment.

They have half a million shoppers a month and over 3000 sellers. The advantages of the seller are:

  • More exposure to buyers
  • Repeat customers an average of 23% (more than Amazon and eBay)
  1. Newegg:


Newegg has a different definition for a marketplace. It endorses only a single product compared to many. Therefore, Newegg is a dream come true for vendors with available products as it answers their question on the best online marketplace to sell.

For example, if you are dealing with a tech item, this is the ideal place.

Sales boom during holidays and festival season.

Newegg has more than twenty million shoppers every year.

Newegg packs and ships the product for you apart from storing your inventory.

  1. Rakuten:


Based in Japan, Rakuten ranks as number four in the world. Large audiences mean considerable exposure.

Rakuten offers added incentives to customers while browsing. It is estimated that 40% of Rakuten are repeat customers.

  1. Cratejoy:


The ideal marketplace for a seller who owns subscription boxes is Cratejoy. It can accommodate any size and is the only marketplace.

The monthly fee should be paid on such subscription boxes.

Cratejoy offers:

  • Tax smart check-out
  • Logistics that are specific to subscription boxes.
  • Shipping
  • Fulfillment Management
  • Blogs and Webinars


There are plenty of marketplaces available online like Desertcart from where you can make a choice.

For that, you need to be very sure of your objectives. Rank these sites with their pros and cons, and choose the one or more, allowing you to make a good profit. Ensure that there is consummate ease while doing so.



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