This application, capable of preventing children from sharing nude photos, is expected to work as follows:

  • Once downloaded to the phone, ‘Kodomamo’ will scan each photo for nudity and will also detect photos of bare lower abdomen, chest and genitalia.
  • If a nudity-related image is found, it would be removed and a warning notification would be sent to the child’s parents informing them of the image.
  • Another feature is also in development, one that would require a guardian’s permission to remove the app.

Naoto Tomita, co-founder of Smartbooks, told Vice that he hopes to help prevent minors from sending compromising images: “Parents have told us that they are hesitant to buy smartphones for their children. Because of the crimes they could be susceptible to on the internet, so they want these apps as soon as possible.”

Despite the usefulness of this app, there is still a problem that contributors must face, and that is: encouraging people to download the application. They have had several ideas, from offering discounts to students to download it and even trying to get the app pre-installed on phones.

Tomita said his goal is for all children to download the app to protect themselves. The app is expected to hit the market at the end of 2022.