The confession of the creator of the first great computer virus in history

The confession of the creator of the first great computer virus in history

The man behind the first major computer virus in history has just admitted guilt, 20 years after his software infected millions of computers around the world.

Filipino Onel de Guzmán, now 44, says he unleashed the Love Bug computer worm to steal passwords allowing him to access the internet for free.

But he claims he never intended it to spread globally.

And he also says he regrets the damage his code caused .

“I did not expect it to reach the United States and Europe. I was surprised,” he said in an interview to be included in Crime Dot Com : From Viruses to Vote Rigging, How Hacking Went Global , a book on cybercrime that is slated to be published in August.

Finally, the US Naval Research Laboratory It will test the transformation of solar energy into radio frequency microwave energy that could then be transmitted to Earth.

The mysterious plane

For the USAF, the X-37B has continued to “break barriers” in the development of reusable space vehicle technology and is considered a significant investment in advancing America’s future space capabilities.

The orbital aircraft program began in 1999 and after 11 years the first mission of the five undertaken so far occurred.

As this is a classified operation, it is not disclosed in detail what tasks the vehicle performs when it is in orbit or what was accomplished on previous flights.

Last year, Air Force officials explained in a statement that the X-37B’s primary goals are twofold: “Reusable spacecraft technologies for the future of the United States in space and conducting repeatable experiments and examine on Earth. “

In 2017, following the closure of a previous mission, the USAF indicated that the vehicle was used to test advanced navigation, control and guidance systems in space .

In addition, thermal protection technologies, advanced propulsion systems and electromechanical flight systems and autonomous orbital flight were evaluated.

The occasions on which this vehicle was pointed out have been repeated as a spy device designed to carry on board experimental sensors such as high-tech cameras and ground mapping radars ; however such claims were never proven.

It was also striking that he spends more days in orbit on each mission.

The vehicle is also known as Boeing X37, because the defense and security division of that multinational company was the one that designed and developed the aircraft.

The company, one of the leading aircraft manufacturers in the world, is also one of the largest defense contractors globally.


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