You can navigate the wifi extender setup page in multiple ways. You can see the New Extender Configuration button until you arrive on the setup tab. If you do not see the configuration page of the Extender or do not reach it, please make sure you are wired to the Wifi Extender Network.

Wifi Extender Setup is an automatic configuration page that lets you connect to your current network with your newly acquired range extender. Wait for the extender to boot up until you unbox the extender and plug it in to the power socket. Follow the quick instructions to customize your extender in a few seconds when the power light goes orange.

List of the provinces available with the wifi extender configuration page

  • Mac cloning can be conveniently done using local.
  • Perform port forwarding and port triggering.
  • Upgrade the hardware on your router and extender to turn up the network speed automatically.
  • Keep a watch on your network’s linked gadgets.
  • To track the uploading and downloading speed, perform a speed test.
  • Change passwords for the network, if necessary.
  • On PlayStation and other gaming consoles, address several port opening problems

Unable to Link to Setup Page for Extender Setup?

If you find error messages and are unable to go to setup page, look for the following:

Making sure that the control light on the extender is solid green.

In the same space as your router, bring the range extender in.

See if there are no wires from your modem or your device connected to your extender.

For 30 seconds, unplug the extender and plug it back in and the extender will turn on.

A Basic Manual to Set Up Extenders

Plug and play network equipment are Wi-Fi spectrum extenders. All you have to do is plug in the wall extension and log in to the setup page. You are led to the configuration from here, where you can customise your range extender in a few steps.


There are usually two common ways to link the wireless extender to an existing network:

  • Via WPS (Wi-Fi Secure Configuration), or
  • Setup manually via setup page

There are two ways to mount the wifi extender setup: the WPS button and the manual process. is a local web URL that lets you manually configure the configuration of a wifi extender. Enter for Netgear and for Linksys Extender Setup on the URL section on top of the web browser address bar and follow the instructions given to conveniently set up your extender configuration.

On the configuration page for mywifiext, there are two ways to login.

  • Switch on your computer and make sure that your wifi network is connected to it.
  • Hover and double-click the mouse cursor on each of the icons on the home page.
  • Upon opening your website, move your cursor to the top of the address bar.
  • Then in the address bar, enter URL.
  • Build an account on your setup page.
  • Use the appropriate option to fill out the user ID or password. Then the login bar is clicked.



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