Importance of DevOps Certification

Importance of DevOps Certification

The DevOps is a combination of development and operations functions for the better and faster delivery of products (be it software, manufacturing, hi-tech devices, etc.). This combines the philosophies, techniques, and tools of both development and operations. The reason being that often both the development and operations team in any project were not aligned and as a result, it led to inefficient delivery of the product. So DevOps bridges this gap of ambiguity and inefficiency by aligning together both the functions.

Want to explore the world of DevOps? Start by exploring the DevOps Certifications and read out the rest of the article to know more about it.

Top DevOps Certifications

The popular certification in the field of DevOps are listed below:

  • Docker certified associate certification

The Docker certified certification is for those professionals who have some work experience in working on a DevOps tool: Docker. This certifies the professional’s capability and excellent skills in working with DevOps. Docker has proven to be very helpful in solving real-world problems. The important prerequisite that this certification requires is that the professional should be having at least 6 months of work experience in Docker. The exam duration is 90 minutes consisting of 55 multiple-choice questions. The tests cover topics such as orchestration security, security, networking, installation and configuration, image creation, management and registry, storage, and volumes will be tested. The cost required to give the certification is 195$ USD. On qualifying for the Docker Certification, you will be able to join a community of Docker certified professionals on linked in. This will also help you get invited to some special events.

  • Kubernetes Certification

The Kubernetes certification is organized by the collaboration of the cloud-native computing foundation and Linux foundation. Kubernetes is one of the top DevOps tools, which makes Kubernetes certifications one of the most demanded certifications. The two ways to get certified in Kubernetes are Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA), Certified Kubernetes Application Developer(CKAD) programs.

  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA)

The CKA tests a professional for its abilities in performing core administrator functions. So the topics that are covered are application lifecycle management, configuration, installation and validation, networking, scheduling, core concepts, security, cluster maintenance, storage, logging/monitoring, and troubleshooting. The exam duration is three hours. The CNF charges $300 USD which includes one free retake.

  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

The Certified Kubernetes application developer is for the professionals who have skills and abilities in working with an advanced level of Kubernetes environment. Beyond the administration function, the other function is to design, expose, and configure native cloud applications for Kubernetes. The topics covered are mainly configuration, multi-container pod, observability, pod design, services and networking, state persistence of the Kubernetes ecosystem to successfully qualify CKAD. The other Kubernetes skills that are important to remember are OCI-compliant container Runtime, cloud-native application concepts, and infrastructure, programming languages such as Java, Python or Go.

  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam

There are numerous certifications for AWS (Amazon Web Services). So the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam certifies those professionals for their ability to manage, operate, provision distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. Some of the important domains that are covered in the exam are SDLC automation, configuration management and infrastructure as a code, high availability, disaster recovery, and fault tolerance, incident and event response, monitoring and logging, policies and standards, and automation. This exam duration is 180 minutes.

  •   AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps solutions certifications exam

The AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps solutions certifications are one of the best certifications for the DevOps professionals who demonstrate their advanced skills and abilities in the Azure platform. Some of the important functions of the azure platform are version control, configuration management, build, release, compliance, testing, and infrastructure as code. One should be very well versed with azure development or azure administration for sitting in this exam. The AZ-400 azure developer will be given some of the important tasks such as designing a DevOps strategy, implementing DevOps Development Processes, continuous integration, continuous delivery, application infrastructure, dependency management, and continuous feedback.

  • Google cloud platform: professional cloud DevOps engineer

Among all the google certifications, the popular one for DevOps is the Google cloud platform: professional cloud DevOps engineer certification. The following functions that DevOps asks you to perform are the application of site reliability engineering principles, fine-tune the performance of services, Build and maintain CI/CD pipelines, implementing logging and strategies to monitor services.

Importance of DevOps Certification

Since DevOps is the newer trend, the companies are putting their best efforts to adopt this newer trend. It has been very helpful to enhance the operations and give qualitative products. So there are a lot of new opportunities for professionals. As such the professionals willing to learn DevOps will be given good opportunities in the industry which will benefit them with good salary packages. The DevOps tools and technologies will make the professional learn and grow business challenges as well as their career. When you are skilled in DevOps, the organization can benefit in a number of ways. The development team and operations team are both aligned with similar goals and objectives. As a result, there will be shorter development cycles. Detection of defects will also become easier than before. The customer/client feedback also takes place at regular intervals which promotes continuous improvement of the products and services.


 Since we already got to know that DevOps leads to many benefits not just to the organizations, but in the career of the professional itself. So this is a wonderful opportunity for a professional with a few years of experience or a professional who wants to switch their domain to newer areas. This is an integration of both information technology and business operations aligning together. It requires the skills of both domains. As such the professional should be open to learning new ideas and technologies. Therefore, take the first step by enrolling yourself in an online course. It will provide you with the flexibility of learning from your desired location and the projects are based upon real-life based problems which will ensure that you learn the practical skills well.


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