Gmail is renewed with a more minimalist design and better integration with Google services

Gmail is renewed with a more minimalist design and better integration with Google services

It also adds a sidebar with which to access the firm’s services such as Google Chat, Google Meet and the like in the same space.

A few months ago, at the beginning of the year, Google announced the new design of Gmail. A design that many users in Spain have already been using and that stands out, among other things, for integrating Google’s new Material You design language seen in Android 12 . After testing it for certain users, Google will officially implement it this week .

Until now, users who wanted to try the new Gmail interface could activate it manually in the client settings. Now these settings will not be necessary as the interface will default to users. Now, for users who have this new design activated, a small tutorial will appear to find out what new changes there are in said interface.

One of the most important changes is the navigation bar on the left side of the interface, which includes buttons for Google Meet, Spaces, Google Chat and Mail. And we must remember that Google’s office suite is now Google Workspace, and it searches offer the main collaborative tools directly in Google applications.

New Gmail

In addition to the navigation bar, the menus have become much simpler and more aesthetic. Goodbye square corners, and hello rounded corners. Now, buttons like the create an email button as well as the ones that mark the trays are more visible, bigger and easier to read. Everything is, in general, more minimalist and pleasing to the eye, as well as being better integrated with the other Google services.

The left part occupies much more space than before, displacing the mailing list to the right, but in return, all these trays and menus are larger and cleaner. This includes the emails themselves, which now have more space and are easier to read. Of course, the user will be able to reduce the left side menu so that it occupies less space and, from the settings, it will be possible to configure some aspects of the interface.

Although at the moment Google allows you to manually switch to the previous interface thanks to the settings, it is expected that in the future Google will remove this option, fully implementing this design for all users. In addition, this new design will be available by default, so if you want to use the old one, you will have to put it yourself from the settings, in the gear in the upper right.



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