Blockchain Developer Shortage: How to Hire Tech Teams in 2022

Blockchain Developer Shortage: How to Hire Tech Teams in 2022

What is a blockchain developer? These software specialists are responsible for making decentralized applications and creating the architecture of the system. Blockchain is growing rapidly these days as technology becomes more and more advanced. 


According to, “The worldwide blockchain market was valued at 1.57 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and is forecast to grow more than a hundred times to 163 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.” As a sector, blockchain is developing at a fast pace. Even websites such as Coursera and EdX are offering blockchain courses for beginners.


All types of businesses rely on their engineers to provide the most reliable tech solutions. Thus, such companies are always eager to find and hire the best developers and engineers. However, in some cases, extra assistance might be needed. Also, the budget can become a problem. In this article, we shall discuss how to find the right tech team for your enterprise. 


Plan a strategy

One should always define their goals before conducting interviews. The first part is to make a list of qualities and milestones to be met. This speeds up the hiring process, especially for a tech team. The best approach would be to take some time when finalizing candidates.


Abrupt decisions may have negative outcomes. For example, if a company is looking for a certified blockchain expert, they should carry out a background check on the short-listed candidates. 


Moreover, the person in charge should be well-versed in the fundamentals and principles of blockchain. A better understanding of the subject would lead to a better conclusion. 


Through interviews, the project manager can assess the expertise and communication skills of each individual. For some companies, there are coding examinations to get a better understanding of the engineer’s background. After these steps, adding a person to the team becomes less stressful.

Understanding what candidates want

Since there is so much competition nowadays, one should be clear about the needs of a tech expert. This is how the team leader can build a capable team. In order to attract future employees, there must be some benefits. 


Promoting healthy competition, water cooler discussions, as well as rewards, can work in a positive way for personal welfare. As a result, there can be a positive impact on project progress. 


According to,” The average salary for blockchain developers in the United States, according to this platform, is $ 106,000 per year.”It is an undeniable fact that blockchain jobs have a pretty good salary to offer.


 However, what sets a job offer apart is the initiatives it offers. Marketing a job opening is an integral part of keeping the right kind of people interested.


 For many talented developers, a flexible work schedule is something that attracts them. Therefore, companies should be able to devise a work policy that can work in favor of future team members. Plus, there needs to be more awareness about burnout and retention.

Tools do help

It does not harm a business to take advantage of online tools. Infact, it plays a part in streamlining lengthy phases of hiring. These include short-listing, reaching out to potential team members, and staying connected with employee networks.


Websites such as Gaper have a strict vetting stage, for matching suitable employees and employers with each other. Through this method, they are able to provide the most trustworthy tech experts to clients. 


If a business is looking to hire software developers, they should not hesitate to take assistance from technological features. These include applicant tracking systems and virtual job boards. Chatbots and algorithm scanners have proved to be quite useful in recruiting.


Especially if you’re a startup with a limited budget, then you should consider the use of tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Let us take the example of a company that has openings for remote blockchain developer jobs. 


Through these tools, this stage can become less stressful. Plus, one can check if they are a certified blockchain expert or not.


Contracts & confidential information

Having a contract creates a more professional relationship between the employee and the candidate. It resolves many misunderstandings and clearly states what is required from the team member. Discussing the contract with the candidate is a smart way to know more about their way of delivering projects.


Signing a non-disclosure agreement helps to protect crucial information. Hence, it raises the standard of security for both parties. This is pretty beneficial for tech companies that are always researching and evolving new products.


Plus, it ensures that the privacy of the company and the employee remains guarded. Certain rules and regulations should be disclosed in the interview stage. This prevents problems and conflicts in the future.



From here onwards, the demand for remote tech teams is only expected to increase. Blockchain technology has become one of the leading sectors in the tech industry. More and more businesses are considering hiring tech teams that work from home.


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